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  chteufleur ea4f78e23b Modification because of un-golang fix names in lib go-xmpp. 8 months ago
  Chteufleur 8384410023 Fix typo in go_xmpp lib. 10 months ago
  Chteufleur 5fa7fe5235 Add default lang into README. 1 year ago
  Chteufleur a330e7df29 Fix FR message that missed a part of the message. 1 year ago
  chteufleur a00eb69071 Merge branch 'Add-CA-and-ES' of SouL/HTTPAuthentificationOverXMPP into master 1 year ago
  SouL 6337ad74af Update 'messages.lang' 1 year ago
  Chteufleur ce6a3a26af Oups! Forgot to add the lang file and explained it has to be added next to the configuration file. 1 year ago
  Chteufleur a85f476600 Send multiple bodies with support of xml:lang. 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 2f301ffc80 Remove unused code 1 year ago
  Chteufleur c146c8dae2 Fix typo in README 1 year ago
  Chteufleur bed3e755f7 Add packaging instructions and script 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 90269e40e5 Add subdirectory « http-auth » for configuration file. 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 88f7537bbd Add the XDG specification for configuration file location. 1 year ago
  Chteufleur dfa6cd1b32 Fix forgoten change variables' names in go-xmpp 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 39d865b082 Add namespace « jabber:iq:version » into disco feature. 1 year ago
  Chteufleur a6f6ef86ac Add disco namespaces in feature send by disco. 1 year ago
  Chteufleur a070b03c0f Add Disco support 1 year ago
  Chteufleur a06062e714 Make the transaction ID mandatory again (for security issue). 1 year ago
  Chteufleur b61490b75c Replace ampersand by semicolon in example request (README) to follow the RFC. 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 89efb0137b Merge branch 'master' of https://git.kingpenguin.tk/chteufleur/HTTPAuthentificationOverXMPP 1 year ago
  Chteufleur c788a29d46 Add bind address in config (IPv4 and IPv6) 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 0b0611fc45 Add bind address in config (IPv4 and IPv6) 1 year ago
  Chteufleur a1cd475788 Change default HTTP port in README 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 178a9b4796 Change version to dev one 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 7da25057cf Default HTTP(S) port to -1 + random port on config set to 0 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 8847f220fd Send stanzas From attribute with jid.Full() 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 4a5ff9f227 Remove cert.pem and key.pem, that way people will not use it 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 2b101c1c1d Fix certificat domain check in case of SRV 1 year ago
  Chteufleur b63a944cb2 Fix typo on http_timeout_sec 1 year ago
  Chteufleur e2fbb6c8e3 Add the possibility to disable certificat verification 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 7e9fd69879 Add how to build and run the project into readme 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 78c8aecb8e Version 0.4 1 year ago
  Chteufleur c88ec7a32d Add the possibility to connect as a client 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 20dc1ee9e8 Change Client struct to Confirmation struct in order to be more clear 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 5ae82dfff6 Fix memory leak 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 731183c637 Send error code 401 on timeout 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 283946aa22 Return error 400 if mandatory param is missing in HTTP request 1 year ago
  Chteufleur af21b300ea Send HTTP error code depending error that append. 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 4a4bcb418b Add in README where to find a config file example 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 0f64210e16 Add transaction identifier is optionnal in README 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 36bbb829b5 Auto generation for transaction ID if not provided in HTTP request 1 year ago
  chteufleur 2e3d328fdd Send request by message if client send service-unavailable 1 year ago
  chteufleur 514efc75ce Change compilation paragraph 1 year ago
  chteufleur 3ee2962baa Fix xmpp link into readme 1 year ago
  chteufleur 0c6f293386 Add HTTPS support 1 year ago
  chteufleur f292f3d027 Change message send to client 1 year ago
  chteufleur a33d734411 Add compatibility with client that doesn't implements the XEP-0070 1 year ago
  Chteufleur 247b7a1135 Escape character in the readme example. 1 year ago
  chteufleur f04b3321fa Add timeout configuration in HTTP request 1 year ago
  Chteufleur e6cd478d81 Add demo location into README 1 year ago