A XMPP/Steam gateway.
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go-xmpp4steam is a XMPP/Steam gateway.



Build and run

You must first install go environment on your system. Then, go into your $GOPATH directory and go get the source code (This will download the source code and the dependencies).

go get git.kingpenguin.tk/chteufleur/go-xmpp4steam.git

First, you need to go into directory $GOPATH/src/chteufleur/go-xmpp4steam.git. Then, you can run the project directly by using command go run main.go. Or, in order to build the project you can run the command go build main.go. It will generate a binary that you can run as any binary file.


Configure the gateway by editing the xmpp4steam.conf file in order to give all XMPP component information. This configuration file has to be placed following the XDG specification (example /etc/xdg/http-auth/xmpp4steam.conf). An example of the config file can be found in the repos.


To register, you have to send an Ad-Hoc command to the gateway in order to give your Steam login information. When it done, send a presence to the gateway. It will try to connect to Steam, but should failed. Steam should send you a code that you have to give to the gateway using Ad-Hoc command. After giving the code to the gateway, send again a presence to it and it should be OK.


To get any help, please visit the XMPP conference room at go-xmpp4steam@muc.kingpenguin.tk with your prefered client, or with your browser.