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A XMPP/Steam gateway.
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go-xmpp4steam is a XMPP/Steam gateway.



Download the CA at https://kingpenguin.tk/ressources/cacert.pem, then install it on your operating system. Once installed, go into your $GOPATH directory and go get the source code.

go get git.kingpenguin.tk/chteufleur/go-xmpp4steam.git


Configure the gateway by editing the xmpp4steam.cfg file in order to give all XMPP component information.


To register, you have to send an Ad-Hoc command to the gateway in order to give your Steam login information. When it done, send a presence to the gateway. It will try to connect to Steam, but should failed. Steam should send you a code that you have to give to the gateway using Ad-Hoc command. After giving the code to the gateway, send again a presence to it and it should be OK.


To get any help, please visit the XMPP conference room at go-xmpp4steam@muc.kingpenguin.tk with your prefered client, or with your browser.